Greg Fong » Director

Experienced professional in the fields of marketing, real estate development and industrial energy projects. 

Stan Mason » President & Director

CEO of Katalyst Wind Inc., President of Watts Wind Energy, and owner of Eon Wind Electric, with over 20 years of engineering and project management in the renewable energy sector.

Mark Savory » Chief Operating OfFicer & Director

An experienced energy sector professional with over 30 years in the energy sector with specific experience in corporate leadership, engineering, project and construction management, business development, procurement and contract management along with plant management, operations and maintenance experience. Extensive knowledge of utilities and power system across Atlantic Canada, Northeast United States and the Caribbean. Experienced in developing solutions based on research and development and in collaboration with post-secondary institutions.

Kevin Colvey » Chief Financial Officer & Business                               Development

Corporate finance and business development professional with extensive experience acquiring businesses and developing projects throughout the world.  Successful 25-year track record includes business acquisitions, capital investments, partnerships, financial oversight, financial structuring, and project developments.  trong background in power generation and energy infrastructure sectors with financial, technical and commercial acumen.

Don Berringer » Engineering Lead

An experience professional engineer with 35 years of experience in the electrical utility generation and power transmission industry. Provided leadership in the construction of over 50MW of intermittent wind generation, the installation and removal of a 1MW in-stream tidal generator unit and the delivery of engineering FEED and cost estimate packages associated with the design and installation of a 500MW / 200kV HVDC transmission link. Past roles have included that of Senior Plant Manager for a multi-unit dual fueled 350MW steam generation and 100MW gas turbine facility.

Sebastian Manchester » Project ENGINEER

Holds a MASc (’14) and BEng ('12) in Mechanical Engineering at Dalhousie University and has 5 years experience working in the renewable energy industry. At Dalhousie's Renewable Energy Storage Lab, he was the lead author of several peer reviewed journal articles and conference papers focusing on energy storage for renewable energy integration, delivered 3 energy storage research reports to industrial clients (including LightSail), and developed software to optimize energy storage sizing and control strategies for renewable energy systems. Sebastian has also designed and built off-grid solar energy systems for rural communities in East Africa.